Churchyard Regulations

Churchyard Regulations & Maintenance

We are trying to maintain All Saints' Churchyard as a place of peace, quiet and tidiness, fitting for the remembrance of those who have died.

Since the closure of the Churchyard in 2008, Brentwood Borough Council is responsible for maintenance.  Some additional grasscutting and tidying is still carried out by volunteers and at twice-yearly working parties.  Please refer any comments or queries regarding the maintenance of the Churchyard to the Brentwood Council Offices.

There are strict regulations drawn up by the Diocese which the Church is required to administer.  These apply to designs for new headstones and memorials in the churchyard, to items which may be placed on graves, and other items in the Churchyard.  Please help to keep the churchyard in an appropriate style by observing these regulations,

Dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times.

You are particularly reminded that lighted candles are a danger to churchyard visitors, wildlife and the church building and are not allowed in the churchyard under any circumstances.  Glass vases are also dangerous and will be removed. 

Among the regulations are the following which might help you: 

There are regulations about the size, shape and fixing of all headstones.

Inscriptions: The full names of any person commemorated are to be used. Any name by which the person was usually known can be added in brackets after the Christian name, with permission of the Incumbent.

There are also regulations regarding the type of lettering and decoration.

You are respectfully reminded that no kerb, railings or fencing is allowed around a grave, and no chippings within the grave.  Any such unauthorised edging will be removed.

No statues or other memorials, except for a properly authorised headstone, are allowed on graves, and may be removed.

No plastic or artificial flowers of any kind are allowed, except –
Poppies at the time of Remembrance Sunday, which must be removed by the end of November.
Christmas wreaths, which must be removed by the end of January.

Other artificial flowers will be removed.

In the interests of safety, the burning of candles or any other naked flame is not permitted in this Churchyard, and any found will be removed.

Glass is potentially dangerous, and jars and other glassware will be removed from the Churchyard.

The Memorial Wall is for recording those who are interred in the Memorial Garden only.

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